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Learn kitesurfing in 5 days!


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The first step

Learning kitesurfing
in 5 days?

This is the most complete and best kitesurfing course that BLOW Kitesurfschool offers. We are 100% sure that you can learn kitesurfing at different locations within that time, can sail upwind and you can turn your first turns.

The goal is to really learn how to kitesurf within 5 days, so that you can kite-surf with plenty of self-confidence between other kite surfers and water sports enthusiasts.

Make sure you get a good grip on kite surfing and book an 5 day kitesurfing course now.

Reserve online today from € 399, - (€ 80, - per lesson).


PRICES - Learning Kitesurfing in 5 days

You always have 3 options at BLOW:


1 person

5x 2,5 Hour € 799, - PP

Most effective teaching method
Tailor-made teaching program
Very personal

Duo Lesson

2 persons

5x 3 Hour € 550, - PP

Ideal lesson for 2 people
Cozy & Intensive
Learn kitesurfing together

Group lesson

3 persons

5x 3,5 Hour € 399, - PP

Ideal for group of friends or family
Only? No problem, there is always room!
3,5 hour of learning together kite surfing!

What are we going to do exactly?

In the first three kitesurfing lessons, our instructors teach you how to pilot the kite, to start water independently and to sail in both directions.

  • Day 1: Theory, Setup & Control get over the kite
  • Day 2: Get used to the kite, practice water start, sail small distances
  • Day 3: Longer distances

After the third lesson we see that students have enough technique but sometimes they are too busy watching the kite so they forget about other water sports enthusiasts. That is why we learn you in the 4 and 5 classes controlled sailing between other kite surfers and water sports enthusiasts.

  • Day 4: Longer distances (upwind) sailing, turns
  • Day 5: Self-assured, independent and safe kite surfing

You learn to keep calm while kitesurfing and make your first turns. Within 5 days we are sure 100% that you can independently learn kite surfing - Woehoeee!

  • Estimate when you can safely kite surf (weather & wind)
  • Explain what the wind window, the power zone and the neutral zone are
  • Use safety systems when it goes "wrong"
  • Check kite
  • Bodydraggen! Wohooo this is cool
  • Upwind body dragging to find board
  • Theory about water start and posture
  • Make a perfect kite movement (power stroke) to get out of the water
  • Self-employed board to do while the pilot is being monitored
  • Make water start in both directions
  • Theory about body position & board control
  • Sail longer distances
  • Board the board to determine speed and direction
  • First pieces sailing upwind (against the wind)
  • Independently sailing long stretches upwind - Yihaaaa!
  • Board the board to determine the sailing speed and direction
  • Long pieces sailing upwind in both directions
  • Keep overview during kite surfing
  • Controlled sailing in the middle of other kite surfers
  • Smooth curves
  • Maybe your first jump! Up up and away ....

After you learn kitesurfing, BLOW Kitesurfschool certifies you as an independent kitesurfer and you get one I O (International Kiteboarding Organization) certificate. This is an international certificate with which you can prove that you are an independent kitesurfer all over the world. It is now possible to rent kitesurfing equipment everywhere or to take kitesurfing lessons, for example to learn how to jump.

Without wind it is not possible to learn kite surfing, because a minimum number of knots is needed to keep a kite in the air. On the other hand, there is a maximum of the number of knots to safely provide kitesurfing lessons.

  • Minimum wind: 10 nodes (3bft)
  • Maximum wind: 30 nodes (6-7bft)

This always depends on the experience and weight of the student and the components that we want to teach the student.


I have learned kite surfing
and what now?

You have learned kite surfing and are officially certified as independent kitesurfer.This means that you are able to only kite surf in a responsible and safe way. Now it's time to buy or rent stuff. Chris & Toine will of course help you with advice on the purchase of your first kitesurfing gear and with coming up with a nice kitesurfing spot to go on vacation!

Kiteclub Sand Motor:

Kiteclub Sand Motor is founded in 2018 and aims to bring novice and advanced kiters into contact with each other to create a fun club feeling where friendships are forged and where together the passion for the sport can be shared.

Advanced lessons:

  • Learn to jump
  • Refresher course
  • Hydrophilic

The sand motor

The best location for learning kite surfing

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