About BLOW Beach House

A special beach house ...

A special story

On the southernmost stretch of beach in The Hague, where the Sand Motor and the North Sea meet, you will find BLOW Beach House. A special place, for a special beach house with a special story. The secluded location on the Zandmotor enables a unique combination of sport and relaxation. The staff is friendly, the coffee is delicious and the atmosphere is relaxed. In short, you can easily add BLOW to your must-go-to list of nice places this summer.

The boys still tackle every possibility to kite-surf together!
Chris (right) & Toine (left)

How it all started....


The owners Toine de Klerk & Chris Dingemanse have been busy on the beach of Kijkduin since 2014. After completing their Master's degree, both friends decided to change course at Delft University of Technology.


"During my study in Delft I saw a beautiful project passing; The Sand Motor. I thought, this is a prime location for kitesurfing lessons. Within 4 weeks I opened a kitesurfing school. Within a short time 5 teachers worked and we made mega many people happy on the Sand Motor. On the study was the deal, Chris would open a business and Toine would gain experience and join the consulting experience. So after a successful summer I called Toine ... "


"After graduating, I actually started working at a large consultancy firm in Amsterdam. All freedom I had during student life had suddenly disappeared. The wind, the sea, the waves and the carefree life I had exchanged for a lease car, too tight suits and endless meetings. Around December 2013 I threw the helm and broke my life in Amsterdam. I booked a ticket to Bonaire and then my buddy called Chris .... "

After this phone call, 2014 created the idea to set up BLOW; a professional kitesurfing school on the Sand Motor. Over the years, BLOW has grown into one of the largest, most famous and most professional kitesurfing schools in the Netherlands.

The boy's dream became reality ...


Toine & Chris worked hard to grow the company with the necessary ups-and-downs looking for a permanent location on the beach. In 2017 they saw a chance to buy the former Beach Pavilion Klein Ockenburgh. On 21 June 2017 the sale became a fact and suddenly both friends had a beach tent just before the high season without any experience in the hospitality industry.

"Instead of presenting a business plan about a catering concept, we suddenly had to run a real tent. It was a very hard school, but in the process one learns. "

In 2018 the team was assembled, the tent was rebuilt and in May 2018 the boy's dream became reality; the opening of BLOW Beach House with a great party full of friends and family. In the list of Kijkduin BLOW is a young player with a beautiful place and unique atmosphere, or as the gentlemen themselves say:

The secret of the Hague beach.

"When you come to the beach with us you step into another world; a world of space & tranquility, a world of fresh air on the beach, bathing along the tide line and long summer evenings. But also an active world; a world of wind & waves, a world of sand and salt in your hair, a world of smiling kite surfers flying through the air. Our doors are open every year from 1 April until the end of October for everyone who wants to enjoy the beach, including dogs! "

2018 the baptism of fire

how was the first year?

Last season was marked by an unprecedented summer and this meant hard work for the entire BLOW team.

"It has been a baptism of fire for us haha. In one way or another we have all got it very neat and it has been a fantastic year. "

Toine & Chris are very proud of the blast days and events that they put down last year with the help of the team. The first marriage at BLOW has been very successful and both entrepreneurs say they are happy to be able to take care of numerous birthdays, (company) parties, meetings and even a festival.

"One of the most memorable moments was taking care of a high-end 21 dinner with 8 courses for 40 guests from the Netherlands and Spain. We have seriously addressed and prepared this assignment. At the end of the evening the whole family of the dinner was moved and emotional about how special this day was and how well everything was arranged. Then you can only smile and be proud of your team! "

Chris tells us that BLOW is really becoming a household name in the region of The Hague and surroundings because there is something to do for every beach visitor.

At high temperatures we see all kinds of different guests from the region & the Roompot holiday park. With less "good" beach days it often blows and then the tent is full of novice and experienced kite surfers. We are really trying to bind this group to us. For example, the kitesurfing school is equipped with a modern shop where kites, board and accessories are for sale. Behind the beach house there are changing cubicles, sustainable hot showers and there is even the possibility for the real die-hards to store their own kitesurfing equipment safely and insured.

"The nice thing about this company is that it sometimes feels like a family business: my parents often eat and have often helped with everything. In the spring my father was installing the solar boilers on the roof, my mother was cleaning everything and the sister of Toine (Fleur) was in the ministry, beautiful! "

The boys are not sitting still ...

Plans for the future?

Every year, in February, both men return from their travels full of new ideas and energy. During the weeks prior to construction in March, they will discuss what will be planned in the coming year. Toine told:

"Our current card is a responsible mix of comfort food, world cuisine and healthy vegetarian options. There is something for everyone. This year we want to expand the menu with appetizers and desserts that can be shared together. Sharing is caring. I am also a fan of building my own brick oven where the freshest pizzas, breads and meat dishes can be prepared. The oven has to become the heart of the business so that everyone can enjoy the warmth and the view of the fresh products. "

Chris responds to this and says that two terraces of BLOW are being thoroughly put on the shovel. There are more cozy corners where the guests can chill out of the wind with the best view of The Hague.

The men do not sit still. So we can expect a lot from BLOW Beach House. The doors will open again from 1 in April until the end of October. I would say, until then!

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