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Why BLOW Kiteschool?

Started from passion for the sport ...

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BLOW Kitesurfschool was started in 2013 by Toine & Chris, 2 friends with a passion for kite surfing. In recent years, this boy's dream has grown into one of the most professional, fun and best-known kitesurfing schools in the Netherlands.

This is partly because we kitesurfing lesson give on one of the most secure kitesurfing spot in the Netherlands "de Zandmotor" and because we only work with a team of experienced instructors! The kitesurfing skills in combination with many years of experience with kitesurfing lessons ensure that a kitesurfing course at BLOW Kitesurfschool is an unforgettable experience for young & old!

Our kitesurfing school is equipped with a modern shop where kites, board and accessories can be bought / rented after your lessons. Behind the kitesurfing school there are changing cubicles, sustainable hot showers and there is even the possibility for the real die-hards to store their own kitesurfing equipment safely and insured.

We also have a restaurant where you can have a delicious lunch, dinner or just warm up by our fireplace after your lesson. In short: everything you need for the start of your kitesurf career. In short, the ideal place to start your kitesurfing career!

The secret behind BLOW ...

Team of

All instructors of BLOW Kitesurfschool are personally chosen by Chris & Toine because it is very important to us that our instructors are really good at kitesurfing, that they know what they are talking about, but above all that they can teach kitesurfing to everyone in a fun and safe way. The kitesurfing skills in combination with many years of experience with kitesurfing lessons ensure that a kitesurfing course at BLOW Kitesurfschool is an unforgettable experience for young & old!


Number #1 of the Netherlands!

Why choose
BLOW Kitesurfing school?

Certified IKO Center = Quality!

Ever since the sport started, the I O method developed into a worldwide recognized teaching method that guides students from beginners to independent kite surfers. An IKO certificate is therefore valid and recognized worldwide. The training of the International Kitesurf Organization is by far the most famous international kitesurfing training worldwide.

All our kitesurfing lessons are given according to this principle. BLOW is one of the 6 IKO kitesurfing centers in the Netherlands and guarantees quality in all our lessons and teachers. With our certified instructors you will get the hang of kite surfing in no time. After your kitesurfing lesson you will receive an official IKO certificate - proof with which you can kite surf all over the world, rent equipment or continue lessons at your level.

The ideal kitesurfing spot

BLOW Kitesurf School gives kitesurfing lessons on the flat and shallow water of the Sand motor. Kijkduin is only 5 km below Scheveningen and you can park there for free. The shielded, shallow lagoon of the Sand Motor has flat water in combination with a stable sea breeze and is therefore the perfect place to learn kitesurfing. A special area has been set up for kitesurfers, so there is plenty of room for kitesurfing lessons.

What about the wind direction? Here it is possible to kite surf in all directions. The Sand Motor is shallow, so you can stand in many places. This is unique for a kitesurfing location in the Netherlands and makes learning kitesurfing much easier. In short, the ideal place for kitesurfing lessons.

Personal & Customer-friendly

BLOW specializes in providing kitesurfing lessons for small groups. Our approach to smaller groups per instructor has proved very successful. This allows us to learn students how to kite surf faster and effectively. At BLOW you always have 3 choices: private lessons, duoles or group lessons. Our group lessons are given with a maximum of 3 students to ensure quality, safety and fun factor.

We are more than just a kitesurfing school. Before, during and after your lesson, BLOW is available to answer all your questions. We are open 7 days a week and very flexible with scheduling your lesson โ€“ kitesurfing in the evening after work? No problem.

Experienced Top Team

We are very proud of our team - these are all kiters from the very beginning with a great passion for the sport. The entire team has years of experience in providing IKO certified kite surfing lessons. The kitesurfing skills in combination with the many years of experience with kitesurfing lesson (s) ensure that a kitesurfing course with us is an unforgettable experience for young & old!

Material & Safety

Safety is extremely important to us, which is why we renew our kites & bars twice a season so that we can rely 2% on our material. This way our students & teachers always train with the latest and safest material. We work with the best brands from the kitesurfing world: Mystic, Lieuwe, F-One, Ozone, Slingshot & GA Kites. Take a look at our kitesurf shop for the best deal.

Safety first! Each student is dressed completely safely with us: wetsuit, impact vest, lycra, helmet and the necessary safety systems. We pay close attention to the weather so that we are never faced with surprises.

Fair prices

The price / quality ratio at BLOW is extremely high, in very few places in the Netherlands you get so much quality in the Netherlands for such a competitive price. Compare our packages and keep an eye on our promotions! View the lesson overview. 

Basic book Kitesurfing BLOW
Basic book Kitesurfing BLOW


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