Expedition Robinson


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Who wins and who pays the rounds? ๐Ÿ˜œ

Claim eternal fame!

Imagine, you and your team are standing on a deserted beach where the Sand Motor and the North Sea meet. A special place for a special challenge because you and your team are making a fire as quickly as possible with materials from the Stone Age in order to get the key to the next assignment. You then solve puzzles together and then shoot away coconuts with a homemade slingshot.

Who wins, who loses? Who claims fame, who pays the rounds? Who goes into history as a hero and who has to go into the cold sea ๐Ÿ˜œ

Our tip: complete your day with a delicious lunch, juicy BBQ or treat yourself to our authentic fresh pizzas from the wood oven ๐Ÿ•! Quickly view the brochure of book directly.

What are we actually going to do?


Parts of the company outing on the beach

Our Expedition Robinson is a mega exciting adventure for everyone. This is real the ideal team building activity on the beach where you can only win through teamwork. The great thing about Expeditie Robinson is that everyone can show his / her qualities in various tests. So throw all your combined cleverness, agility, balance, strength, and endurance into the battle to be crowned the winner.

The entire BLOW team is ready to organize a great event for you. How do you win? Make sure you have a mixed team of different ages and disciplines because you need that to win as a team in the end! Because everyone can show his/her skills, Expedition Robinson is extremely suitable for large, diverse groups of participants. In short, a perfect activity on the beach for a family party, company outing, staff party, birthday or bachelor party on the beach.

Top location, enthusiastic team & beautiful catering

When you come to the beach with us you step into another world; we often hear that it looks like you are on holiday in your own country. We also maintain that atmosphere throughout the day. The moment you arrive, our team ensures that you are truly away and can fully enjoy your activities. The spacious beach, the enthusiastic team and our pearl of a beach house are exactly the ingredients that we use to take care of your day to perfection!

Do you want to make your day complete? Then let our chefs and catering staff pamper you completely. Treat yourself to a delicious lunch, juicy BBQ or to one of our authentic fresh pizzas from the wood oven ๐Ÿ•! Quickly view the brochure of book directly.

Organizing a company outing: Expedition Robinson

Do you want to organize a company outing and are you thinking of Expeditie Robinson? Also view the other events that are possible, so that you get a good idea of โ€‹โ€‹what we can do for you. Furthermore, we naturally like to think along with you, to indicate what is possible and to coordinate the company outing or staff outing with your team, the company or the event you have in mind.


The price refers to the price per person for the activity. If you want a combination of different activities, this is of course also possible! You can always contact us for a custom price.

1 โ€“ 15 people 28,95 pp
16 โ€“ 50 people 26,95 pp
51 โ€“ 100 people 24,95 pp
100+ people 22,95 pp


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