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Heel veel informatie over onze kitesurflessen en BLOW Kitesurfschool is op de website te vinden. Een reservering voor een kitesurfing lesson kan je maken op de website: Book Online. You will then receive a confirmation email with all the information you need to prepare yourself for your kitesurfing lesson. All information about the courses can be found here: Overview Kitesurfing lessons. Questions about what the prices are? See Prices Kitesurfing lessons here.

Also check below for frequently asked questions, maybe the answer to your question is already here.


BLOW Kitesurfschool is open from April to October. We are open 7 days a week and kitesurfing lessons in three half-days:

  • morning (beginning 09: 30 - 10: 00
  • afternoon (beginning of 14: 00)
  • evening (beginning of 18: 00 - 18: 30) (in the summer months)

Are these times not coming true? No problem, with Chris & Toine you can go in any direction.

Without wind it is not possible to learn kite surfing, because a minimum number of knots is needed to keep a kite in the air. On the other hand, there is a maximum of the number of knots to safely provide kitesurfing lessons.

  • Minimum wind: 10 nodes (3bft)
  • Maximum wind: 30 knots (6-7bft)

This always depends on the experience and weight of the student and the parts that we want to teach the student.

If there is too little or too much wind on the day itself and the predictions are incorrect, we plan the lesson on a different date together with the student.

Multi-day kitesurf cursussen zoals de: 3 day of 5 day you do not have to follow a course for several days in a row. Plan your available data together with BLOW and we will put you in the agenda.

Please note: you learn kite surfing faster when there is not too much time between your kite surfing lessons. We recommend at least twice a week for optimal results.

Kite surfing remains an extreme sport and you can make it as crazy as you want. Compare it with snowboarding, everyone, young and old, do it in their own safe way. Kitesurfing is very similar to this, make sure you stay within your own 'comfort zone', start calmly with sailing back and forth, which is fantastic.

Taking kitesurfing lessons is an important step in this. This way you learn safe and responsible kite surfing. The way BLOW Kitesurfschool teaches is by applying a step-by-step method. You set the pace. In addition, we use the latest and safest materials so that we can rely 100% on our material.

We are convinced that anyone can learn kitesurfing and that it will become the # 1 national sport in the Netherlands! We see it every day, everyone can learn it: kids from 10 to 70 years old!

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