Getting married on the beach

For an unforgettable day

Getting married by the sea

Getting married on the Kijkduin beach can at BLOW Beach House. With our experienced team and as the official wedding location of the municipality of The Hague, we have everything to make it an unforgettable day.

BLOW comes together where the Sand Motor and the North Sea meet, a special place for a special beach house. The magic of BLOW is due to its remote location. Nothing but sand, sea and dunes around you. This means a lot of space & tranquility. This gives you the feeling that you are away from the crowds, but where you are still easily accessible.

In short, an ideal location for one marriage by the sea! Read on for all options

Your special day

A wedding on the beach

With us you can completely unburdened marry on it beach and enjoy your special day. A wedding is a special event that is preceded by a lot of organization.

We are not a married partner, but a young and ambitious hospitality team with a lot of experience and a tight organization. Every wedding with us is really a highlight of the season. With us you are not a number and we try to get as close as possible to your wishes. Everything is possible because of this and we pick it up with full enthusiasm.

Ceremony on the beach
A beautiful gazebo, chairs in the beach, a wonderful summer sun, birds flying past and a number of very sweet words before you say yes to each other. That is what we would like to see! The attention is focused on you ...

There are of course different scenarios for good and bad weather. We ensure that the discussed arrangement is ready, including a romantic bench for the wedding couple, a civil servant table, a microphone and sufficient seating areas for all guests.

Wedding Cake & Bubbles
Bride and groom cutting the wedding cake and the champagne toast is one of the highlights of your wedding on the beach. You can order the wedding cake yourself, but if you prefer to leave it to us, you can of course. After the official moment it is time to bring out a toast while enjoying bubbles.

Front desk
After the wedding ceremony a reception is possible. During the reception we serve a composite range of drinks and snacks.

Barbecuing and beach that belong together !? Just outside on the beach with your feet in the sand, our chefs are happy to provide an extensive BBQ. We offer you various options.

Walking dinner
Make your wedding even more special and with our chef make a choice from delicious small dishes which we serve beautifully prepared.

Great to continue eating with us on this day. We can cater for a variety of different dinners during the wedding. Together with our chef we put together a passed menu for you!

Celebrate love during the setting sun and end your wedding with a blast! Are you yourself musical, is there a band or is a DJ coming to flatten the hall, it is all possible. A little snack during the party? Our pizzaiolo is right in the middle of the business and can provide everyone with delicious fresh pizzas, super tasty and super atmospheric.


Curious about the possibilities for a wedding on the beach?

Get a quote today. For questions you can always call or email us.

A unique place for a unique day

Nothing but sand, sea and dunes

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