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Learn Hydrophilic and float over the water like a sultan! Questions, call us: + 316525349999

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What is hydrofoiling? Hydrofoil kitesurfing is the newest trend in kitesurfland! By means of a "wing" fin in combination with a mast and surfboard, you get an upward lift at a certain speed, so that you come out of the water while sailing. It feels like you're floating above the water, this feeling is extremely addictive and can not be compared anywhere.

One of the nice advantages of a hydrofoil is that you can get up to water from 8 knots and will not have any problem getting upwind. This will increase the number of sessions per year with 50% and you will have all the space in the world with 10 knots!

BLOW Kitesurfschool is one of the few kitesurfing schools in the Netherlands that offers hydrofoil kitesurfing lessons. We would also like to let you experience what it is like to float like a sultan above the water. Note: hydrofoil kitesurfing lesson is not easy and not suitable for the novice kitesurfer. During our hydrofoil kitesurfing lesson you will learn all the basics of hydrofoiling, afterwards you can rent the hydrofoil to perfect your skills. Would you like to know more about our hydrofoil kitesurfing lesson? Then read on quickly

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PRICES Hydrofoil kitesurfing lesson

You always have 3 options at BLOW:

Some private lesson

1 person

1x 2,5 Hour € 180, -

Most personal & effective
1 on 1 advice from your IKO instructor
Flying like a sultan!

Some duo lesson

2 persons

1x 3 hours € 130, -

Personal & Effective
To learn from each other
Flying like a sultan!

Some group lesson

3 persons

1x 3,5 hours € 99, -

Economical & Effective
Cozy learning from each other
Flying like a sultan!


Are you interested in a hydrofoil kitesurfing lesson? Then take on the challenge!


hydrofoil kitesurfing lesson

A hydrofoil kitesurfing lesson lasts at least 2,5 hours (see options above). During the lesson we start with a number of safety aspects (do's and don'ts) and explain the different parts of the hydrofoil. Then we go up the water and you can try to make your first meters. You do not know what you are going through - it is completely different from the technique of normal kite surfing on a twintip.

We strive to make as much progress as possible in a hydrofoil kitesurfing lesson. For example, we use different mast lengths. We start with the small mast and a medium wing fin. We gradually work towards the larger mast. We know from experience that this method is the most effective. Thanks to the 1-on-1 feedback from our trained instructors, you will achieve fast and effective results. Most of the course participants are happy to foil at the end of the lesson!

  • Theory behind the foiling
  • Material checkup of a hydrofoil
  • Safety aspects (walking, bodydraggen)
  • Waterstarts & sailing technique
  • Sailing on an 40cm mast
  • "Lift" and brakes come up

For the fast students:

  • Boating on a larger mast (60cm, 90cm)
  • Sailing course, jibbing
  • First jump ????

View a foilclinic from 2018 above. All 3 students did not yet have a foil experience for the clinic and at the end of the lesson they flew back and forth. The Sand Motor with the flat water makes learning foils a lot easier than at sea. In addition, we also start with a small mast which makes you progress faster. Let's go!

The sand motor

The best location for learning kite surfing

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Afterwards you can still rent the foil!
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