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The first step

What do I learn in my
first kitesurfing lesson?

Great that you want to learn kite surfing! Taking kitesurfing first is an important step. BLOW Kitesurfschool is very good at this and would like to teach you everything about this fantastic sport. Read below what we all teach you in your first lesson.

In the first kitesurf lesson we pay a lot of attention to material, technology and safety. That is why you learn, among other things, when it is safe to kite surf and when not. You learn how to neatly tune a kite and 'launch' it in the air.

As soon as the kite is in the air, we immediately go into the water to teach you kitesurfing. BLOW has designed a number of exercises to give you a clear sense of where the power of a kite is and how you can control it. Wait until you make your first bodydrag, you do not know what you are making!

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You always have 3 options at BLOW:


1 person

1x 2,5 Hour € 180, - PP

Most effective teaching method
Tailor-made teaching program
Very personal

Duo Lesson

2 persons

1x 3 Hour € 130, - PP

Ideal lesson for 2 people
Cozy & Intensive
Learn kitesurfing together

Group lesson

3 persons

1x 3,5 Hour € 99, - PP

Ideal for group of friends or family
Only? No problem, there is always room!
3,5 hour of learning together kite surfing!

What are we going to do exactly?

  • Estimate when you can safely kite surf (weather & wind)
  • Explain what the wind window, the power zone and the neutral zone are
  • Use safety systems when it goes "wrong"
  • Check kite
  • Bodydraggen! Wohooo this is cool

Your first kitesurfing lesson is about learning to fly. First with a small trainer kite and then with a larger 4line kite on the water. You learn to control the forces of the kite through bodydraggen.

Are you a fast student then you can go straight to the board in your first kitesurfing lesson.

  • Kite independently on rigging
  • Restore Kite in the water
  • Check kite in the air
  • Bodydraggen right & left

You're ready for your 2e kitesurfing lesson! Here we go to work with the board !!!

Without wind it is not possible to learn kite surfing, because a minimum number of knots is needed to keep a kite in the air. On the other hand, there is a maximum of the number of knots to safely provide kitesurfing lessons.

  • Minimum wind: 10 nodes (3bft)
  • Maximum wind: 30 nodes (6-7bft)

This always depends on the experience and weight of the student and the components that we want to teach the student.


What can I do after my
first kitesurfing lesson?

An introduction kitesurfing lesson is just the beginning! In order to really master kitesurfing, in practice you need on average 3 to 5 lessons.

After 3 lessons:

  • Full control over kite
  • Water start in both directions
  • (Short distances) sail

After 5 lessons:

  • Sail longer distances
  • Sail upwind
  • Self-employed, confident and safe kite surfing

The sand motor

The best location for learning kite surfing

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