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Kiteclub Zandmotor was established to bring beginning and advanced kiters in contact with each other so that a nice club feeling is created where friendships are forged and where the passion for the sport can be shared.

Have you just finished your kitesurfing lessons and you still do not know how to proceed? And do you often ask yourself the following questions?

  • What now?
  • Who can I agree with to kitty together?
  • I would like to share experiences with other kiters, but where are they?
  • I have no stuff, what should I do?

We have the answer for you. At Kiteclub Zandmotor you come in a group of kiters with which you can share experiences, plan kite surfing sessions together and where you always have a home base at BLOW Beach House. Quickly look further.


We have 3 different memberships

Choose the membership that suits you

The sand motor

The best location for learning kite surfing

Always something to do


The purpose of Kiteclub Sand Motor is to fill up the vacuum that is created after your kitesurfing lessons and to support your kitesurfing experience as broadly as possible. To achieve this, we organize various activities for all members:


Experience what it is like to just follow the wind and play in the waves without having to worry about keeping up.

Theory clinics

Several times per season: trick clinics with the talents from the kite world, a safety clinic, a material check and days with different themes: weather & wind, priority rules, etc.

Test days for material

You really have no idea what to buy? Understandable. There is now also so much material for sale! We organize test days especially for our members to try out different brands & materials.

Cozy BBQs and drinks!

In addition to various kite surfing activities, we will also regularly organize barbecues and drinks in combination with BLOW Beach House. After your kite session, enjoy a bite to eat & drink with your kite friends and brag about how high you went ?

Go through your moves together with video analysis during our trick clinics


Top arranged

Hot showers, lockers
and changing room

Hot sustainable showers

Fancy a nice hot shower after your session? We got them! Walk around the kite surfing school and there you will find 3 times hot showers overlooking the dunes. The solar boilers heat the water during the day by the power of the sun so that you can shower nice and warm after your session. Don't forget your towel!


Even more lugging your kitegear? Do you want to store your things? We have 15 lockers where you can fit all your gear (boards, kites, bars, trapezes, wetsuit, etc.) neatly. With the Backroll subscription you have a locker with its own lock for โ‚ฌ 50 per month : )

Benefits storage space:

  • Never lug around with your things again
  • Never play your wetsuit at home again
  • No sand in your car
  • Personally insured via
100% safe & insured

Sports insurance

We recommend that you insure your kitesurfing equipment with Sportzeker. This party is specialized in insurance for (kite) surfers and offers the following insurance in 1 package for only โ‚ฌ 10 per month: 

  1. ongoing travel insurance
  2. material insurance
  3. optional liability insurance

All members of Kiteclub Zandmotor receive a โ‚ฌ 15 discount!

Use unlimited stuff, no own gear needed ...

Kiteloop package

Just finished kite surfing and no gear yet? No problem, with the Kiteloop subscription you have the option to always sail with the latest equipment from โ‚ฌ 5 per day! You don't need anything except a wetsuit and a harness! Then you can choose any size kite and board and go sailing! It blows softly, grab a large kite, it blows a small one. Do you want to try a different board, let's go!

Benefits Kiteloop:

  • Never take / lug things with you & no need for storage
  • Always advice from your instructor & always keep an eye on things
  • Always the newest, safest and perfect kite for every wind
  • 15% discount on all items in BLOW Kiteshop (wetsuits, trapezes, ponchos)


Conditions Kiteloop:

  • Minimum 4 month membership
  • Gear can be used from April to mid-October from 09:00 to 21:00 (muz of wetsuits & trapezes)
  • Kiteloop only accessible from LEVEL 3 achieved: advanced / independent
  • Kitesurfing equipment can only be used personally on the Sand Motor & North Sea at BLOW Beach House for kite surfing
  • The material is treated with respect, others also want to use it ๐Ÿ˜‰

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