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Have you already taken group lessons? Can you start water yet? But are you ready for more effective and faster lessons because you are really almost there?
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Quickly learn to kitesurf independently


BLOW breathes and lives kitesurfing. The sport, the culture and the transfer of our knowledge. As the only kitesurfing school located directly on the Zandmotor, BLOW is the home base for water sports enthusiasts and is proudly the number 1 Kitesurfing school in the Netherlands.

The shielded, shallow lagoon of the Zandmotor has flat water in combination with a stable sea wind and is therefore the perfect place to learn kitesurfing. Or as we call it “the blue slope of kitesurfing.”

BLOW has more than 10 years of experience in giving kitesurfing lessons. All our instructors are certified and very fun!

You must be able to rely on your equipment. That is why we use the best brands from the kitesurfing industry: North, Slingshot, Mystic and Lieuwe. Nothing but quality in our kitesurfing school.

You are almost there!


In our opinion, learning to kitesurf with 2 people is the best way to become independent faster. It is the ideal combination of effective and intensive. You have more time with the kite and during your rest you can learn from others.

Day 1


We will immediately pick up the thread again. This means choosing, setting up and launching your material independently. In the water we immediately start working again to perfect sailing.

At BLOW you can count on this:
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Day 2

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We focus on sailing independently upwind, making turns and who knows, your first jump. It is important that you keep an eye on what is happening on the water while sailing. In this kitesurfing lesson we put the finishing touches.

At BLOW you can count on this:
What do you want to know?

Frequently asked questions Kitesurfing school

Learning to kitesurf without a kitesurfing lesson is extremely dangerous and difficult. We at BLOW Kitesurf School strongly advise against this. Compare it to snowboarding down a steep slope without experience. Besides the fact that it is terrifying, you also run the risk of a terrible accident. Kitesurfing lessons make kitesurfing less dangerous and painful. There are also a number of other advantages:
  • Learning kite surfing is a super fun process
  • You learn kitesurfing faster
  • You do not need your own stuff
  • You learn to estimate risks
  • And during the kitesurf lesson (s) you will get to know a lot of new people
Most of the accidents that happen in the kitesurfing world happen to 99% by beginners who think they do not need kitesurfing and therefore make the most crucial mistakes. By taking kitesurfing lessons at a good kitesurfing school with experienced instructors, you ensure yourself safe, personal and especially fun kitesurfing lessons.

You can not learn kite surfing in 1 kitesurfing lessons. From our experience we see that novice kitesurfers need about 3 to 5 kitesurfing lessons to get a good grip on kite surfing. It is important that you learn not only the practice but also the theory so that you can always kite safely and independently.

BLOW is open from April 1 to October 31. Your kitesurfing lessons are valid for 365 days except November - March. Make sure you schedule them on time. It is advisable to start lessons early in the year and schedule them in quick succession so that you can kitesurf independently as quickly as possible.

Without wind it is not possible to learn kite surfing, because a minimum number of knots is needed to keep a kite in the air. On the other hand, there is a maximum of the number of knots to safely provide kitesurfing lessons. On average, 70% of the lessons will continue!

  • Minimum wind: 10 nodes (3bft)
  • Maximum wind: 30 knots (6-7bft)

This always depends on the experience and weight of the student and the components that we want to teach the student.

"If a kite surf lesson does not go ahead, we always contact (e-mail, telephone, SMS) with our students so they do not come for nothing."

Kitesurfing remains an extreme sport and you can make it as crazy as you want. Compare it to snowboarding, everyone young and old does it in their own safe way. Kitesurfing is very similar to this, make sure you stay within your own 'comfort zone', start slowly with sailing back and forth, that's already fantastic.
Taking kitesurfing lessons is an important step in this. This is how you learn to kitesurf safely and responsibly. The way BLOW Kitesurf School teaches is by applying a step-by-step methodology. You set the pace. In addition, we use the latest and safest materials so that we can rely 100% on our material.
We are convinced that everyone can learn to kitesurf and that it will become the #1 popular sport in the Netherlands! We see it every day, everyone can learn it: kids aged 10 to grandfathers aged 70!

We have three standard parts of the day in which we teach: morning (09:00), afternoon (13:00) and evening (17:00). But if you have a special request, you can always contact us and we try to be as flexible as possible!

You should always pay attention to the following points when you want to follow safe and good kitesurfing lessons. Not every kitesurfing school attaches great importance to safety & quality.

  1.  Certified kitesurfing school
    Please note that kitesurfing schools are certified according to the leading quality marks: IKO/ VDWS/ NKV. BLOW Kitesurfschool is certified as 1 of the 6 IKO kitesurf centers in the Netherlands.

  2. Experienced Instructors
    Do the instructors have demonstrable experience and are they certified according to the applicable standards? BLOW only employs highly trained IKO and NKV instructors with a background in technology, sports & health. Because they have years of experience in teaching, they can clearly convey both theory and practical exercises.
  3. Maximum group size
    Check how big the groups are in a kitesurfing lesson? BLOW Kitesurfschool uses a maximum of 3 students per kitesurf teacher in a group to maintain the safety and quality of a kitesurfing lesson. With more than 4 students, the quality of a lesson quickly decreases.
  4. New Material
    A kitesurfing school should always use well-maintained and new equipment during all its kitesurfing lessons. The risk of accidents increases the older material is used. BLOW renews all kites and bars 2 or 3 times a year so that we always work with the latest material.

    During the season all material is checked every few days by the instructors of BLOW. To ensure the safety of our students during a kitesurfing lesson, helmets, impact vests and lycras are mandatory.

  5. Customer friendliness & service
    - Is the kitesurfing school still available for further advice after the kitesurfing lesson?
    -How is the school well known and what is the reputation of the kitesurfing school?
    -How about certification, when will you receive your IKO certificate?

  6. Location
    As with snowboarding, it is nice to start on a blue slope without bumps and steep slopes. This principle also applies to kitesurfing; you learn kitesurfing faster in flat and knee-deep water. That is why BLOW gives kitesurfing lessons on the Zandmotor in Kijkduin. In this lagoon you don't have to take rough waves and currents into account so that you can focus 100% on your board & kite. If you do lose your board, you can walk through the shallow water and easily find your board again.

Assure yourself of success!

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Reviews from our heroes

Our heroes rate our kitesurfing school with an average of 4,8. Via Google Reviews

Cas de GrootCas de Groot
01:07 15 Jan 24
A great place to chill and kitesurf! You can also enjoy a delicious meal here with ice-cold beers
Pauline van der KraanPauline van der Kraan
07:35 19 Dec 23
BeachHouse, located on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Netherlands, with pleasant service, dishes such as the veggie burger and delicious veggie brownie and cafe lungo, completes the experience of a beautiful beach day!!
Jens LJens L
20: 44 27 Nov 23
Really very good pizza with a sea view. What else do you want?
14: 45 17 Nov 23
Mark de HaanMark de Haan
14: 33 11 Nov 23
S. ChanceS. Chance
19: 28 24 Sep 23
Nice place to eat, vegetarian options. All looks good. Service is good and friendly. In terms of quantity, I thought the food was a bit small and I am not a big eater, but other than that I have no comments.
M HeijbersM Heijbers
18: 46 10 Sep 23
We return here several times every year... what a nice atmosphere and plenty of entertainment for the kids.
Bart BeijerBart Beijer
16:54 30 Aug 23
Nice beach bar in a beautiful spotWahalla for kite surfersThe kite school is next doorNice menu with plenty of options, fish, kids, etc.Friendly serviceQR code on some tables but the map can also be viewed and that is always nicer
Francis WyffelsFrancis Wyffels
11:56 13 Aug 23
Nice place to stop after half a day cycling along the coastal route. Tasty food and friendly service. Instead of lunch we had lunch with an assortment of snacks
Marketing TFDWorkMarketing TFDWork
07:00 05 Jun 23
We visited BLOW Beach House with our company. We had a fantastic day there, and the staff helped us very friendly. Moreover, we enjoyed a delicious lunch and dinner with a beautiful view of the beach and the sea. It's worth mentioning that BLOW Beach House is also dog friendly, so our furry friend was able to enjoy the day too. In addition, it was very convenient that free parking was available within walking distance, making the location perfectly accessible!