What is Wingfoiling?

A hype that you as a water sports enthusiast must have noticed: wing surfing / wing foiling. A combination of wave surfing, kiting and windsurfing. You stand on a surfboard (with foil) and hold an inflatable sail (wing).

Sounds simple, but it isn't. It's practice, practice and practice / It's trial and error. But when you get on the foil and float through the water, it gives a real kick. You don't want anything else! Are you excited? BLOW prepares you to safely go on the water.

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Introductory lesson

VA โ‚ฌ89 | 3 hours

Discover the wing foiling
Theory & Safety
We're going in the water!

3 day course

FROM โ‚ฌ 499, - FOR โ‚ฌ 299, - | 9 hours

Learn to wing foil in 3 days (3 x 3 hours)
Master the basics
โ‚ฌ 100 discount!

5 day course

FROM โ‚ฌ 550, - FOR โ‚ฌ 449, - | 15 hours

Turns, tricks and more! 
Really independent wing foiling
Float like a Sultan over the water

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The number 1 of the Netherlands

Learn to wingfoil

BLOW Kitesurfschool was started in 2013 by Toine & Chris, 2 friends with a passion for kite surfing. In recent years, this boy's dream has grown into one of the most professional, fun and best-known kitesurfing schools in the Netherlands.

โœ“ The most famous surf school in the Netherlands
โœ“ Delicious pizzas in the beach house
โœ“ Safe surf spot
โœ“ Relaxed atmosphere
โœ“ Experienced Instructors
โœ“ We only use the best gear

Did you know that wing surfing / wing foiling is allowed on all waters in the Netherlands? You have
for example, no long lines to take into account and can therefore quickly
working inland water and smaller puddles. In addition, you do not need a lot of wind to
to get ahead and you can practice this water sport with all wind directions. Only
therefore benefits! Book your wings surf lesson now and make the first meters as a real wings surfer!

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