Kitesurfing lesson Kijkduin - De Zandmotor

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The blue slope of kite surfing, an ideal spot for learning kite surfing!


Kitesurfing lesson in Kijkduin

The Sand Motor?

BLOW Kitesurfschool gives kitesurfing lessons on the flat and shallow water of the Sand Motor. Kijkduin is only 5 km below Scheveningen and you can park for free. In short, the ideal place for kitesurfing lessons.

The screened, shallow lagoon of the Sand Motor has flat water in combination with a stable sea breeze and is therefore the perfect place to learn kite surfing. There is a special area for kitesurfers decorated, leaving plenty of room for kitesurfing lessons.

What about the wind direction? It is possible here to kite surf with all directions. The Sand Motor is shallow so you can stand in many places. This is unique for a kitesurfing location in the Netherlands and makes learning kite surfing much easier.

Images say more than 1000 words, so check our location on the video below / below.

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The advantages

  • knee-deep water - standing everywhere
  • flat water - no waves and currents
  • on the coast - stable sea breeze
  • easily accessible & Free parking
  • changing clothes and showering

"The Zandmotor in Kijkduin is the blue run of kite surfing. Not only is it safer to learn kitesurfing here, it also makes learning a lot faster which ultimately makes the experience more fun and affordable! "

FROM 300 FOR 229, - including free theory book

Little luxury can do no harm


Warm showers & changing rooms
Nice kite or just fancy a nice hot shower? Walk behind the kitesurfing school and there you will find them: 3 hot showers with a view of the dunes. The solar water heaters warm up the water during the day by the power of the sun so you can take a warm shower. Do not forget your towel?

Want to store your stuff during your kitesurfing session? We have lockers where a board, 2 kites, bars, trapeze and wetsuit neatly fit.

Mega cool beach house
After your session, relax with us on the terrace or inside by the fireplace, of course you are most welcome. Check what you want to eat, by clicking on our menu.

All roads lead to BLOW

Route Kijkduin & Zandmotor

Kitesurfing lesson Kijkduin? Navigate to Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan in The Hague and try to park as close as possible to the Roompot Holiday park. Here you can go anywhere Free parking. Then walk along the dunes to the beach of Kijkduin and take the exit to the left. If all goes well, you will now see the Sand Motor with BLOW Beach House as the last pavilion on the beach.

BLOW is the meeting place, from here all our lessons start and you can change clothes and store your belongings. Then you go to the water with your instructor! The easiest way to find us is via Google Maps: BLOW Kitesurfschool

Of course we are also easily accessible by public transport. Bus 23 and 24 stop at the boulevard of Kijkduin, 5 minutes walk from our location. We are also on the most beautiful bike path in the Netherlands! The bike path from Kijkduin to Hoek van Holland.

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