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Our current menu is a responsible mix of comfort food, world dishes and healthy vegetarian options. So there is something for everyone. We work with local suppliers and specialists to get the tastiest products to us on the beach. Our bread comes from "Lekker Brood", our bitterballen from "De Haagsche Croquetterij" and our fruit & vegetables are driven fresh across the dunes every day by "de Mannen van Verhoek". Read more about BLOW's friends & partners below.

Tasty Bread

All bread that is served at BLOW Beach House comes from "Lekker Brood". This artisanal bakery from The Hague uses only 100% organic raw materials in a way that adds even more flavor, character and nutrients to our bread. They take the time for this because a Delicious Bread is on the road for 48 hours before it arrives at us. The breads are shaped daily by hand in baked in the center of The Hague.

ps the cookies also come from and are also sold at the bar!

Coffee lovers

Rik van Koffie Lovers is the importer, roaster and blender of our delicious coffee. His dream: let the whole of the Netherlands enjoy really good coffee. We help him with this, our delicious coffee is roasted weekly with the highest quality beans from 12 different countries. All coffee beans are from small plantations. Koffie Lovers works under the Fair Trade label and the Rainforest Alliance quality mark which guarantees a fair price for coffee farmers and nature conservation for the areas in the rain forest.

Winery Marius

Marius is our local wine friend in The Hague. Through careful selection of wines, 4 has been winning a prestigious prize in the wine almanac for years, an important reference for quality wines in the Netherlands. If you are interested in a wine-food combination, ask at the bar for the possibilities!

Pizzaiolo Aad

The story begins in Florence, Italy where Aad (our pizzaiolo) obtained his official diploma as a pizza baker under the direction of Massimo Crocetti. Just like his Italian teacher, Aad guarantees delicious, real Italian pizzas with the tastiest and freshest ingredients.

This is how our dough is made at La Tavola according to Massimo's organic recipe. It takes 3 days for it to be fully finished, making the final pizza extremely easy to digest and super tasty. Or as we say: "The best pizza on the beach in the Netherlands!"

ps Aad also gives pizza clinics, do you also want to learn how to bake pizzas? Ask him about the possibilities. Arrivederci!

The Hague Croquetry

Inspired by recipes from an old Hague cookbook from 1885, Tom de Heij started a new brand with old roots. All products are prepared with sustainable ingredients from the region. Cattle raised in regional pastures, shrimps from the North Sea peeled in the Netherlands and vegetables from nearby 'Westland'. Local, artisan and proudly prepared, but above all: Hague!

See you soon!

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