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Located on the southernmost stretch of beach in The Hague, directly adjacent to the Zandmotor, you are surrounded by nothing but nature. Come along, breathe the fresh sea air and linger for the sunset. For water sports enthusiasts and sun worshipers. For beer lovers and professional brunchers. For beach walkers and sea admirers.

Young and old. New and familiar. Always welcome!

Where it all started


Owners Toine and Chris have been doing business on Kijkduin beach since 2014. Both friends decided to change course after completing their Master's degrees at TU Delft.


The story of BLOW starts with two boys, a dream, a shared passion for water sports and the idea of ​​giving kitesurfing lessons from the beach in The Hague. A few years later, BLOW grew into one of the largest kitesurfing schools in the Netherlands and Toine and Chris bridged the gap between water sports and catering by opening a beach house on the Hague coastline. This way you can start your morning with a cup of coffee, listen to music while enjoying an extensive lunch, push your limits by learning a new sport and toast the good life after a great sunset session in the North Sea.
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BLOW has grown from a 'container kite school' to a full-fledged, professional kitesurfing school, a Beach House with a modern menu full of delicious dishes and an event location where more than 150 events take place every year. Every day that BLOW is open, life is celebrated. And we are proud of that. BLOW now also has a third partner on board: Floris has been supporting Toine and Chris since 2023.

The growth of BLOW is mainly due to the fact that there is something to do for every beach visitor. There is room for everyone here, whether you are a water sports enthusiast, a sun worshiper, a beer lover, a professional bruncher, a beach walker or a sea admirer. Young and old, newcomers and familiar faces. Everyone is welcome.


“We see a future full of kites, bites and unforgettable nights. Our goal? Building a community that not only loves the sea, but also each other.” BLOW is an environment where we always continue to do business together. A place where ideas come to life and where everyone can maintain their speed and fun. We are also actively working on our 'restaurant of the future'. A sustainable pavilion where we can welcome all beach lovers all year round with the lowest possible impact on nature. Through our BLOW Academy we invest in young talents so that they can later progress as a professional chef, event manager or other positions where their ambition lies. We are also jointly aiming for explosive growth in our events industry: from business lunches to romantic weddings. Together we celebrate life!

If you know, you know


BLOW is more than a place. It's an experience. Directly adjacent to the Sand Motor, you are surrounded by nothing but nature. Come along, breathe the fresh sea air and linger for the sunset.

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Where work feels like a holiday


Are you flexible, a multitasker, do you like innovation, can't get enough of the sun, sea, water and wind and are you (just like us) a bit rebellious? Then it is clear. Perfect Match.

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BLOW is the perfect place for lovers of nature, water sports, delicious food and drinks. Born from a shared passion for the sea and water sports, and the desire to share this with every beach lover. Come as a guest and leave as a friend.

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