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Have you already taken group lessons? Can you already start watering? But are you ready for more effective and faster lessons because you are really almost there? Our golden tip: keep going! 

We now offer an 2 day duo course with 10% discount! Learning kitesurfing with 2 people is in our view the best way to become independent more quickly. It is the ideal combination between effective and intensive. You have more time with the kite and during your rest time you can learn from the other person. Check our deal:

2 DAAGSE DUO COURSE from € 260, - for € 229, -

  • 2 persons / 1 instructor
  • 2 x 3 hours - you can plan when you come
  • super effective & personal

Note: the package deal is an advanced kitesurfing course. This is suitable for students who have already followed kitesurfing lessons and have experience in water starting or can already sail!

Because the lessons with 2 are people and the students are already more advanced, the instructor can give personal advice and put the dots on the i. From our experience this works mega effective! You can package deal via “new lesson” in your personal profile.


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BLOW Kitesurfing school
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Sebastian SrebniakSebastian Srebniak
10:40 28 Aug 22
I've had my 3 group lessons! What a nice atmosphere at BLOW. Everyone is friendly, professional, experienced and with the right dose of humor. First lesson with Seb - Seb has a lot of experience, he is patient, funny where possible and super friendly! Second lesson done with Dan - a super relaxed young, with good tips!Third lesson with Alexander - like Seb a lot of experience, a lot of patience, relaxed, friendly!Even after 3 lessons I received a quote from Blow for the next lessons - 10 points for marketing!!!I am very satisfied and recommend I recommend everyone!!! See you soon!
Maxim HeemskerkMaxim Heemskerk
17:45 23 Aug 22
Really had two very nice lessons from Marre! She is calm and very clear in her explanation. Also a lesson from Michael who was a bit stricter but very good in his explanation. It has been of great benefit to me. Im a fan of the whole club, the vibe that hangs there and the people who walk around are all just as chill and nice. I have now booked 3 private lessons because if I want to be able to do this, I will hopefully go next week buy my own set so I can really get going. Very glad I came to you.
10:01 26 Jul 22
Very chill classes and chill vibe. Relaxed location to learn. Had 5 lessons from 3 different toppers Seb, Robin & Colin (eat tasty guys) Bought a kiteset for a nice deal and now try it yourself 🤙🏽
Anne van den BoschAnne van den Bosch
08:08 25 Jul 22
Had 3 beginner lessons with my friend where we first learned to control the kite from Seb during our first lesson. Where we made steps with Bart to the water by wearing the body and where Gert eventually taught us to make the first meters in the water with a board. All three classes were great fun and educational, thanks in part to the skilled instructors. It is especially nice to see how they want to pass on their passion for windsurfing to others!
Peter HendriksPeter Hendriks
11:01 29 Jun 22
Barely halfway through the week and I can only look forward to what is to come 🙂 the atmosphere is very nice and cozy, the lessons are educational and Seb knows how to deal with any level difference within the group, making everyone feel welcome. Besides learning it is also very nice and funny on the water, Seb has almost as good humor as I do 😉 Lots or little wind, they ensure that you can always learn something. All in all, from camping close to the school to the beautiful weather, this week feels like a vacation and I'm really looking forward to the lessons to come. no matter how the wind blows, the cap always looks good on Blow!
Everything you need and more

What offers
BLOW Kitesurfing school?

  • We are a fully IKO certified kitesurfing center
  • 2 IKO kitesurfing course € 260, - for € 229, -!
  • 2 x 3 hours = 6 hour kitesurfing lesson
  • Maximum 2 persons
  • Changing rooms
  • 10% discount included: equipment, instructor and IKO certificate (excluding wetsuit)

What else:

  • Learn kitesurfing flat & shallow water (Sand motor in Kijkduin)
  • Kitesurfschool & Kitesurfshop!
  • Team of to experience IKO instructors
  • 7 open days per week - plan your own lesson!
  • Free parking!

FROM 260 FOR 229, -

Conditions & Questions

The package deal runs until the offer has expired. Note there are 100 deal available! Op is on, so be quick!

BLOW is open from April 1 to October 31. Your kitesurfing lessons are valid for 365 days with the exception of November - March. Make sure you plan them on time. It is recommended to start classes early in the year en to schedule these in quick succession so that you can kite-surf as quickly as possible.

Learning kitesurfing without kitesurfing lessons is extremely dangerous and difficult. We at BLOW Kitesurfschool we strongly advise against this. Compare it to snowboarding a steep slope without experience. Apart from the fact that it is scary, you also run the risk of a terrible accident.

Kitesurfing lessons make kitesurfing less less dangerous and painful. In addition, there are a number of other advantages:

  • Learning kite surfing is a super fun process
  • You learn kitesurfing faster
  • You do not need your own stuff
  • You learn to estimate risks
  • And during the kitesurf lesson (s) you will get to know a lot of new people

Most of the accidents that happen in the kitesurfing world happen to 99% by beginners who think they do not need kitesurfing and therefore make the most crucial mistakes. By taking kitesurfing lessons at a good kitesurfing school with experienced instructors, you ensure yourself safe, personal and especially fun kitesurfing lessons.

You can not learn kite surfing in 1 kitesurfing lessons. From our experience we see that novice kitesurfers need about 3 to 5 kitesurfing lessons to get a good grip on kite surfing. It is important that you learn not only the practice but also the theory so that you can always kite safely and independently.

You should always pay attention to the following points when you want to follow safe and good kite surfing lessons. Not every kitesurfing school considers safety & quality of paramount importance.

1. Certified kitesurfing school
Please note that kitesurfing schools are certified according to the leading quality marks: IKO / VDWS / NKV. BLOW Kitesurfschool is certified as 1 of the 6 IKO kitesurf centers in the Netherlands.

2. Experienced Instructors
Do the instructors have proven experience and are they certified according to the applicable standards? BLOW only employs highly trained IKO and NKV instructors with a background in technology, sports & health. Because they have years of experience in teaching, they can clearly convey both theory and practical exercises.

3. Maximum group size
Check how big the groups are in a kitesurfing lesson? BLOW Kitesurfschool uses a maximum of 3 students per kitesurf teacher in a group to maintain the safety and quality of a kitesurfing lesson. With more than 4 students, the quality of a lesson quickly decreases.

4. New Material
A kitesurfing school should always be well maintained and use new equipment during all its kitesurfing lessons. The likelihood of accidents increases the older material is used. BLOW renews all kites and bars 2 to 3 times a year so that we always work with the latest material.

During the season, all material is checked every few days by the BLOW instructors. To ensure the safety of our students during a kitesurfing lesson, helmets, impact vests and lycras are mandatory.

5. Customer friendliness & Service
- Is the kitesurfing school still available for further advice after the kitesurfing lesson?
-How is the school well known and what is the reputation of the kitesurfing school?
-How about certification, when will you receive your IKO certificate?

6. Location
As with snowboarding, it is nice to start on a blue slope without bumps and steep slopes. This principle also applies to kite surfing; you learn kite surfing faster in flat and knee deep water. That is why BLOW gives kitesurfing lessons on the Zandmotor in Kijkduin. In this lagoon you do not have to take into account rough waves and currents so that you can focus 100% on your board & kite. If you do lose your board, you can walk through the shallow water and easily find your board again.

With BLOW you always have three options. You can kite surf in a private, duo or group lesson. Each choice has its own advantages. The size of the group lessons is a maximum of 3 people to ensure the safety and quality of the lessons!

  • Private kitesurfing is the most effective way to learn kitesurfing, but can sometimes be very intensive.
  • Duo kitesurfing lessons are very effective and you can still learn from each other.
  • Group lessons are the cheapest option. You can learn from each other, but if you already have experience you will make progress less quickly.

On average, a novice kitesurfer between the 3 a 5 lessons need, so we always recommend to take group lessons in the beginning so you can reduce costs while learning everything about kitesurfing together with your buddies! After you 3 day course is it wise to take 1 or 2 kitesurfing lessons (duo or private) to put the dots on the i so you can really independently kitesurfing with enough self-confidence!

We believe that everyone can learn kitesurfing from 8 to 80 years old!

BLOW Kitesurfschool is the kitesurfing school that is allowed to teach children. We are an internationally recognized IKO kitesurfing school and children from 6 years old can learn power kiting and from 8 years they can learn kitesurfing. We firmly believe that everyone can learn to kite surf!

Without wind it is not possible to learn kite surfing, because a minimum number of knots is needed to keep a kite in the air. On the other hand, there is a maximum of the number of knots to safely provide kitesurfing lessons. On average, 70% of the lessons will continue!

  • Minimum wind: 10 nodes (3bft)
  • Maximum wind: 30 knots (6-7bft)

This always depends on the experience and weight of the student and the parts that we want to teach the student.

"If a kite surf lesson does not go ahead, we always contact (e-mail, telephone, SMS) with our students so they do not come for nothing."

The home base of BLOW Kitesurfschool is located in Kijkduin, just below Scheveningen! Our favorite place to give kitesurfing lessons is in Kijkduin on the flat and knee-deep water of the Sand Motor. Kitesurfing lessons are only 5 km from Scheveningen and you can park for free. In short, the ideal place for kitesurfing lessons. This location has the following characteristics:

  • flat water
  • knee-deep
  • park free
  • steady sea breeze
  • enough space

We have three standard sessions in which we teach: morning (09:30), afternoon (14:00) and evening (17:30). But if you have a special request, you can always contact us and we try to be as flexible as possible!

Take advantage of this promotion discount! Available deals:


What will I learn in the extra 2 days?

Have you already followed group lessons? Can you already start water? But are you ready for more effective and faster lessons because you really are? Hit the knot and go for the package deal. 

It is the ideal combination between effective and intensive. You have more time with the kite and during your rest you can learn from the other. Because the lessons are with 2 people and the students are more advanced, the instructor can more easily give personal advice and put the finishing touches. From our experience this works very effectively!

Note: the package deal is an advanced kitesurfing course. This is suitable for students who have already followed kitesurfing lessons and have experience in water starting or can already sail!


Day 1 | Passport deal

  • Selecting independent material based on the conditions
  • Independent setup
  • Self-launching
  • Water starting & consistent sailing in both directions
  • Sail upwind
    • Check sailing speed
    • Consistently sail upwind
    • Checked stop

Day 2 | Passport deal

  • Same as day 1 but more:
  • Sailing upwind & downwind
  • Make smooth curves
  • Toeside-sailing (possibly)
  • Independently downwind back to school & kite landing

The sand motor

The best location for learning kite surfing

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