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Most personal

Private lessons

A private course is the most effective way to learn kite surfing. The 1 on 1 coaching method has proven to be extremely successful and suitable for the fast learner of for the advanced student who wants to put the dots on the i.

Most effective teaching method
Most personal
Perfect for the advanced kiters

Prices private lessons

  • Single kitesurfing lesson (2,5 hours): € 180, -
  • 3 day kitesurfing lesson (3 x 2,5 hours): € 510, -
  • 5 day kitesurfing lesson (5 x 2,5 hours): € 800, -
Two persons

Duo lesson

Learning kitesurfing with 2 people in our eyes the best way to learn kite surfing. It is the ideal combination between effective and intensive. You can learn from each other during your rest moment.

Ideal combination effective & intensive
Learning from each other
Suitable for every level

Prices duo lesson

  • Single duo lesson (3 hours): € 130, -
  • 3 day course (3 x 3 hours): € 360, -
  • 5 day course (5 x 3 hours): € 550, -
Three persons

Group lesson

The group lesson is our bestseller for the novice kitesurfer and the best price / quality option that we offer. In your lessons you will encounter new kite surfers with whom you can continue kitesurfing in the future. A group lesson lasts as much as 3,5 hours!

Best price / quality
Combination fun & progression
Perfect for novice kitesurfers

Prices group lesson

  • Introduction lesson (3,5 hours): € 99, -
  • 3 day course (3 x 3,5 hours): € 269, -
  • 5 day course (5 x 3,5 hours): € 399, -
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How much kitesurfing lesson
I need?

BLOW Kitesurfschool advises every novice kitesurfer to follow a multi-day course with us. We are sure that you can kite surf independently within a number of lessons.

After 3 days kitesurfing you can:
  • Independently assess conditions for kite surfing (weather, wind)
  • Material on and off equipment independently
  • Fully check the kite
  • Bodydraggen
  • Water start
  • Sailing short distances
After 5 days kitesurfing you can:
  • (the same but more :)
  • Sail longer distances
  • Sail upwind
  • Curves
  • Kink with confidence
  • Kitesurfing between other water sports enthusiasts

What else does BLOW offer?

Do you already have experience and are you ready for a refresher? Or are you still insecure to kitty independently and do not want to be stuck with several kitesurfing lessons? No problem! BLOW Kitesurfschool offers separate kitesurfing lessons for every level. If you want a different kind of curriculum, please contact us. We are very flexible and can therefore easily put together a tailor-made program for you!

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Are you a beginner? Then hit the knot and go for a multi-day course. Can you already kite surf? Then go for a refresher and tell us what you want to learn!

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Look in your diary and give us a right when you want to come. Easily choose a date and time when you are available. We ensure that everything is arranged!

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