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A refresher is ideal if you are not sure about your business.


Ideal kitesurfing lesson to get you back on the board as quickly as possible! Do you have a question? We always take on: + 31652534999


It tickles again ...

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Is the kitesurfing season at the door again? Can not wait any longer, but are not you completely sure of your case? For some kitesurfers it has been a while since they have been on the board and have had a wonderful session with confidence. BLOW offers a Kris Surfing package for anyone who has any doubts.

Have you in the past kitesurf lessons followed but you don't quite remember how it all works. Then it is wise, safe & fun to sign up for the kitesurfing refresher lesson. We cover all aspects that you struggle with, so that you can get back on the water safely and with confidence after the lesson. From building the kite to sailing back and forth and of course some tips and tricks to teach you how to turn and jump.

Under the guidance of ours to experience I O instructors you repeat what you have learned in your previous one kitesurf class. Our goal is to finish beyond your previous experience so that you can get back to work independently!


There are 2 options for the refresher kitesurfing

Private lessons

1 person

1x 2,5 Hour € 189, - PP

Most effective teaching method
Tailor-made teaching program
Very personal & most effective

Duo Lesson

2 persons

1x 3 Hour € 139, - PP

Ideal lesson for 2 people
Cozy & Intensive
Learning from each other

What are we going to do exactly?

We can achieve a lot in a refresher kitesurfing. Regardless of your level, the goal is always to continue where you were your previous kitesurfing experience. You choose your material based on the circumstances and then the lesson starts. After an independent setup, launch and start in the water with bodydraggen. This way you can get used to the kite again and play with the power. Then we focus on the points you want to learn: from water start to sail upwind and make turns until your first tricks.

  • Independently estimate when you can kite surf safely (weather & wind)
  • Selecting independent material
  • Independent setup
  • Self-launching
  • Independent water start (both directions)
  • Sailing independently (both directions, upwind & downwind)
  • Checked stop
  • Possibly hitting sails, making smooth turns, jumps (depending on level)

A refresher is best suited for students who already have experience with consistent water start and boat trips in both directions. If this is not the case, we recommend a multi-day course. Click here to compare the packages!

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