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Make your hobby your work and become a kitesurfing instructor at BLOW!


Kitesurf instructor
to become?

Where is BLOW?

BLOW is located in Kijkduin on the flat water of the Sand Motor. As one of the largest IKO Kitesurf Centers in the Netherlands, we are available every day to teach new students kitesurfing at the highest level.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for enthusiastic guests, ladies, boys, gentlemen and girls can give full-time kitesurfing lessons at our beach You are welcome to join our team from April to the end of October. We give kitesurfing lessons in the morning, afternoon and evening (summer months) during 7 days a week, when there is enough wind.

Experience / no experience?

We are looking for instructors who have the same passion for kite surfing and can convey this well. It is nice if you have your papers in order (IKO, VDWS, Watersportverband). If this is not the case, we will look for a solution together. We will then train you, in collaboration with our IKO level 2 instructors, to become a fully-fledged kitesurfing teacher.

Do you also want to convey your passion?

Sign up for the BLOW course and become
an independent kitesurfing teacher #bestjobintheworld

First run a lesson and then kitty yourself!

That combination is great! Therefore, sign up to become an instructor

Instructor Course

What does this training mean?

The BLOW in-house course is an intensive period of 3 days in which both theory and practice are discussed and in which you work with your fellow teachers in various areas.

The mornings are mainly theoretical and the afternoons are practically arranged. The topics covered include material knowledge, meteorology, aerodynamics, wind effects, and the principles of teaching methods according to the IKO standards.

After your own kite skills are assessed by means of a demonstration, it is time for the practical lessons. Our main instructor demonstrates the teaching methods according to the IKO standards, after which the students go through the exercises together and perform the exercises. In small groups you give your first lessons to real beginners.

BLOW Course costs?

The BLOW Course is completely free! It is important to us that we always have professional and good instructors in our team. We are happy to invest in that! 


Finally of the course there is a practical exam in which you will have to give a full kitesurfing lesson independently to novice kitesurfing students. If the course is successfully completed, you can start at BLOW. If you do not succeed in one go, we will plan a few extra days to put the finishing touches!

What can I do after the BLOW course?

After the BLOW Course you are a fully-fledged, independent instructor and you and your students can go through the entire process from beginner to advanced kite surfer from body dragging to cornering and first jumps. You can start working with us right away and have a wonderful summer working on the beach!

  • Weather & wind knowledge
  • Explain setup kite & Safety systems
  • Explain wind window
  • powerkiting
  • Raising & lowering the kite
  • Control the kite
  • Bodydraggen
  • Water start
  • Sailing upwind-downwind
  • Turns and first jumps!

BLOW Course requirements?

  • At least 16 years old
  • Minimum skills: turns, sailing upwind and toeside. Also able to kite in a controlled manner between other kiters.
  • Read and write English

When is the BLOW Course?

The BLOW course can be given every day of the week and depends on the number of registrations. Register immediately so that we can include you directly in the planning.

What offers
BLOW Kitesurfing school?

  • Possibility to free in house training!
  • Good salary and always work
  • Great team of nice colleagues]
  • Flexible working hours
  • Most beautiful office in the Netherlands
  • Team clothing
  • Purchase deals on Mystic, Slingshot, North, Lieuwe, Ripcurl etc. etc.

And maybe the best reason of all (if you passed) a job at BLOW Kiteschool as an instructor

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